Conspiracies with Rachel Maddow #ThankYouMaddow


The infamous blowhard dope Rachel Maddow obtained a leaked copy of President Trumps tax returns –which has long been cried about by the now collapsed Democratic Party– on her show today. Eager to find the smoking gun to any number of her retarded conspiracies theories; only to be severely angered –yet again– discovering Trump (25%) had paid more taxes than Obama 19%, Bernie 13% and MSNBC 24%.

FLASHBACK: Remember when Hillary Clinton lied claiming Trump paid only $0 in taxes? Well, Hillary was wrong. Trump paid $38,000,000 in taxes according to the stolen tax returns within Madcows possession.

This is like the 250th time they have tried and failed to take down Trump.



Donald Trump Jr. thanks Rachel Maddow

Other comparable tax rates: Romney 2011 tax: 14.1% NY Times 2014 tax: ZERO

This goes to show the fake stream media is absolutely unreliable and 3rd rate propaganda at best. They’re not even trying to be clever.


Rachel Maddow’s show at MSNBC has become an outlet for conspiracy theories and unhinged rants for the now defunct Democratic Party attempting to regain footing for the 2018 midterm elections with whatever little remaining support they still have.


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